At Secureware, our experienced team of IT consultants supports our customers in every aspect of their technical projects

We can assist you with the implementation and evolution of your IT architecture, and in particular increase security awareness of your cloud applications.

We can assist you in drafting your technical specifications.

We can audit your security on a “white box” or “black box” basis, and perform intrusion tests.

We setup technologies and solutions and integrate them into the customer ecosystem.

We provide technical support so you can keep your systems and devices operational.

As such, we provide curative maintenance as well as preventative maintenance, and help with change management.

We offer a variety of courses and workshops, preparing clients for IT security certification exams and providing specific training based on their technical environment.

We also offer personalized non-certified training on the products and methodologies of our customers.

These workshops may be held in our office or at our partners' offices.